Multiverse – Dark Matter

"Are you happy with your life?"

A question that has come to many of us and puzzled us. Are you happy with your life? What would your life be like at different times and moments in the past to make other opposite choices? We may not understand this anymore, but imagine a life where your best or worst version lives the life you could have had. Who knows, maybe you will not have such a bad life as you think.

In this exciting book, Blake Crouch offers a multi-world where our lives are torn apart by the decisions we make. I discovered the book by accident and liked it very much. Recommend that you read Sci-fi lovers. I will be honest and tell fyou that this book and in general Blake's books reminded me of my all-time favorite science fiction writer, Philip Dick, and never read books more similar before in terms of style. I think Philip Dick fans will like it.

The impressions of the book followed me for a good long time. I was looking for books like this and I stumbled upon one of those book fans on Reddit whose story made me happy.

Post on Reddit

After reading the book, I read other ones by the author as well, and The Wayward Pines Trilogy also turned out to be catchy and interesting. A TV series of the same name is based on this story.

Despite my admiration for this book on Reddit, readers' opinions were quite divided. I have found people like me who admire this book. A few of my friends also read this book and were satisfied.

You can also check out the author's AMA (Ask Me Anything) Blake Crouch AMA On Reddit, where Blake himself answers readers' questions about his books.

Interior for Dark Matter - illustration by Hilary Clarcq

In 2014, before dark matter saw the light of day, Sony Pictures acquired the rights to make the film, although the fate of the book's film adaptation is still unknown. There was also the idea to shoot a TV series instead of a movie. The series can be exciting when Jason moves to different worlds and visits alternate worlds.

On June 11th we will see another book by Blake Crouch - Recursion, which I am sure will be just as entertaining and interesting as "Dark Matter"

Published on May 19, 2019