How photography improves individually

How does photography change a person?

Photography is a method of communication that helps us perceive the world that the photographer offers us, to recall a moment from our lives. One can talk about many positive aspects of photography. This is to see the world that you can not reach. Photography - as a hobby, helps you to overcome various personal life crises, helps you to have a goal, and just look at the world from a positive side.

When there are not good days in life, when you run down and everything gets complicated, it's just better to take a camera and look at reality through the lens, get away from the ordinary everyday life. I went out to shoot. At such times you can not and do not think about problems, you forget that something is bothering you and will not let you down, you are just full of enthusiasm and you want to catch more and more shots. You do not think about time, you do not think about the place, you go and in anticipation of something interesting your face fills with a childish smile again when you look with a completely different eye at something you have not noticed before even though you saw it every day. When you return home, you will quickly look at the pictures taken and if at least 1-2 are "The photo",

There are many more things, between heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio.
—Shakespeare, Hamlet

I even decided to do some research on visual arts and health and how Art Therapy affects general health. The article cites an example of a study of a group of people undergoing chemotherapy. Some of them were busy with art, some were not. It turned out that those who were associated with any kind of art (music, sculpture, photography, etc.) were in a much less stressful state and more positive despite their difficult situation. I will not start by reviewing the full article, you can see it on the website of the American National Center for Biotechnology -  The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health

It is not necessary to turn everything upside down to have more contact with art. It is often the case that as a child you learn to play, draw, sculpt, and then grow up and everything is left behind, and you wonder what it would be like if you'd had followed it, what life would be like, never say never, it is not too late. Do you like it? Do you want? Just try it!

Published on January 27, 2018