🌱 Starting digital garden

We all have some topic we'd like to discuss publicly or express our thoughts. We get down with our laptops and start writing a “blog,” but then something comes up, and we rethink, strive to perfect every aspect, and create drafts instead of publishing. Yes, from time to time, we might feel guilty about drafts hanging there and waiting to be published, but what can we do about it? Nothing 🤷‍♂️ it's not yet ready for publishing. What will the readers say if I post them "unfinished"? And the drafts section continues to grow...

This is what makes me sick of the blogging idea, and I decided to try “digital gardening” instead. Here I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, just as if this was my physical garden. This space, this garden, is all mine. I will try some ideas and write notes about things I like, stuff I explore, and what interests me, regardless of the hobbies I have. Mostly this will touch on programming, books, art, and photography, but these are not the constraints I can't fence; I will share thoughts and notes about anything. This does not preclude me from polishing articles as much as I desire 😎. Remember, this is my garden built for me. As Joel Hook said:

It's my garden, but I'm happy for you to hang around and eat tomatos with me.

The whole point of gardening to me is that you can write down ideas you are thinking of and give it the written form of life, which is a big deal, let the others provide you with feedback and thoughts about it, and take it to the next level, develop it.

Of course, there are things to be put in order, but it will be fun to do some gardening in the evening on my iPad in the cafes or the park 👨‍🌾

Published on June 15, 2022